Scientists in the US and Canada are preparing for the return of Asian giant horn…

Scientists in the US and Canada are preparing for the return of Asian giant hornets, which thrive in warmer weather. Asian giant hornets are called murder hornets because some of them are capable of killing an entire honey bee hive in a few hours, the Washington State Department of Agriculture said. Multiple stings can also kill a human, according to experts at Washington State University.⁠

(📸: Elaine Thompson/AFP via Getty Images)

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  1. You gotta rename the hornets in a climate like this. Things like that are dangerous if some racist patriot is reading this.

  2. So when should l report it after I get a sting from the murder hornets?
    Also this should not be the main story. The AAPI and the world have experienced heartbreak

  3. With all the things that are happening in Asian communities, you are adding fuel to the fire by writing this caption. This is like a gateway to a racists heaven! We could’ve done without writing “Asian giant hornets” and simply write “giant hornets!” Who cares where they came from!!!

  4. can we remove the region it’s from, so it doesn’t cause a domestic terrorist to have a “bad day” 🙄

  5. Can we not call them “Asian giant hornets”…. I understand this is what people refer to them as and they might be commonly found in Asia but we have to look at what is happening right now and how this may affect people. this is not the climate to raise xenophobia more than it is prevalent right now.


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