Simone Biles has withdrawn from the individual all-around competition at the Ol…

Simone Biles has withdrawn from the individual all-around competition at the #Tokyo2020 Olympics to focus on her mental health, USA Gymnastics announced on Wednesday. Her withdrawal comes after the 24-year-old — one of the greatest gymnasts of all time — stepped away from the team competition on Tuesday, citing mental heath concerns as she attempts to protect “her body and mind.” USA Gymnastics said it supported her decision “wholeheartedly.” (📸: Loic Venance/AFP via Getty Images)

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  1. Get off social media Simone. Turn off your phone and give yourself some space. Take a long rest and give yourself a day to recharge. It’s not about the world. It’s all about all the hard work you put into getting to this point. Sending positive and good vibes to you.

  2. Honestly good for her. What does a career and money bring you if you can’t enjoy it because your mental health suffered? It’s v mature to take a step back sometimes 💗

  3. lol for what again??xD ffs ppl can’t take break from school while suffer from depression and they’re making excuses to take her off the team

  4. It takes pure courage to do what she did 👏 we should all learn how to take a pause when we can’t give our all

  5. “No medal is worth the risk of permanent injury.” You are an outstanding athlete, a true role model, and a powerful woman. Nothing will change that. Please don’t sacrifice your emotional or physical well-being for our entertainment or national pride. We are proud of you for being brave enough to compete, and proud of you for having the wisdom to know when to step back.

  6. Am I the only one who believes that this generation’s threshold for pressure has dropped from times gone? Dont get me wrong, she is right to focus on her made the trip as an elite athlete, with a bullseye on your that pressure should be expected . Jordan, Grezzesy, Serenà,Federer, Tiger, Mohammed Ali…Lewis Hamilton , Usain Bolt etc..all faced this pressure of greatness. Why go to the Olympics to withdraw?


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