Simone Biles, the US gymnast who withdrew from Tokyo Olympic events to prioritiz…

Simone Biles, the US gymnast who withdrew from Tokyo Olympic events to prioritize her mental health, has thanked fans for their “love and support” amid an outpouring of praise and well wishes from people around the world.⁠

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  1. It’s sad that it took this for her to realize that. But I’m glad that she did. Enjoy your life and live it however you damn well please, Simone.

  2. You are an inspiration and a role model to many, many people! Prioritising mental health should be paramount for everyone in all walks of life. For those excelling in their field this is no different…but you have a voice to make a difference and promote change. Get well soon!

  3. I think we’ve all been through it for the past year and a half and can relate a little better to understanding someone taking a mental health break. Go girl

  4. Hell yes !!!!! Take care of yourself before you worry about the sport or anyone else .

  5. We aren’t mad we are just disappointed you let our team down. You let yourself lose even before you stepped out on the mat. You are your number one enemy and number one fan

  6. Okay, great. Stop making this news now. The wrong message about mental health is being sent here. Obviously it should be okay to say that you’re struggling and you need to step away. But she’s no hero. She wasn’t trying to be. She was only looking out for her own interest. Which is fine. I didn’t see this many posts for Drew Robinson. That is a really inspiring mental health story

  7. Why aren’t we talking about the Asian-American gymnast who won the Gold Medal? Smh 🤦‍♂️

  8. Can’t mentally handle it shouldn’t have went in the first place. You never heard of Jordan or Kobe quitting… they push through the adversity and still come out a champion. This is a weak move by somebody who is supposed to be the face of US Gymnastics

  9. Lmao she didn’t even compete 😂 that’s what we call a failure. He’s your participation award tho 🥉


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