The April 12 police killing Anthony Thompson Jr. inside of a bathroom at Knoxvil…

The April 12 police killing Anthony Thompson Jr. inside of a bathroom at Knoxville’s Austin-East Magnet High School has sparked a wave of protests throughout the city. Thompson is the school’s fifth student to die at the hands of gun violence this year, and many in the Black community say they’ve reached a boiling point. We went to the frontlines of demonstrations to speak with activists, teachers, and residents who say they’re committed to calling attention to systemic failures plaguing the Black community in Knoxville.


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  1. There’s been more riots in the first 4 months under biden than the last 4 years, yet you associated all this violence with trump, why not biden? Not to mention the border issue, had that been trump you’d have been taken thousands of pictures per day.

  2. Maybe we should start calling out shitty people and people that engage in criminal activity too, and btw color has nothing to do with it.

  3. There’s a protest every week now. It’s actually diluting the intensity and sincerity of the cause. Apathy will surely come from this as well as awareness.

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  8. The kid pulled a gun out on the cops! So was the cop supposed to let the kid kill him? It’s starts at home! The parents need to teach their kids about human value and self respect! Keep the kids out of gangs and off the street! Parents need to be held accountable !

  9. Here we are talking about black kids, and their beautiful lives has been taking away. I saw some really crazy comments here about and IF and What and Biden and Trump Bla-bla-bla !! Wake up people, no ones deserves to die that way, at this age. Only one race, THE HUMAN RACE. STOP RACISM AND JUSTICE FOR THESES KIDS ❤️


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