The best way to crush Covid-19 is to get vaccinated. But for some, rampant myths…

The best way to crush Covid-19 is to get vaccinated. But for some, rampant myths about vaccines stand in the way. Here are some of the most popular arguments for not getting vaccinated and doctors setting the record straight.

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  1. It’s not a myth if you get the vaccine and nothing changes. You may be safe, but you still have to wear a mask, you still have to a social distance, and you could be a carrier and get somebody sick that hasn’t had the vaccine.

  2. Well no duh there’s no evidence it’s affected anyone’s fertility yet you haven’t even done studies on it.There literally is NO data available yet because everyone getting the shots IS the experiment.


  4. The difference between intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence has a limit, but stupidity is limitless.

  5. Lmao CNN doesn’t even know what “long term means”🤣 why can’t you answer what we’re actually asking? Like what will happen to us 10 years after getting it? If it protects us from getting the virus, why do we need to force others to get the vaccine? How long does it keep you immune for? Why did they have to change the legal definition of “vaccine”? Hint: it’s to protect the companies making the covid “vaccine” which is technically an mRNA genetic therapy from legal liabilities in the case of adverse side effects. But why would they do that if adverse side effects aren’t likely? Why won’t they answer the actual questions?

  6. Anyone who’s still convinced by the conspiracy theories aren’t going to change their mind now, they’re hopelessly indoctrinated with bullshit.

  7. 😂😂😂 omg chronic fatigue. Holy shit that’s so terrible😱😱. Had it already and it was literally nothing

  8. mRNA is a new technology that never got fully approved by CDC. Only Emergency Use Approved. Where did this doctor get his long term effect data from? 😂

  9. Epic fail answering any of the questions surrounding this vaccine. Just 5 different slides telling everyone in 5 different ways to get vaccinated.

  10. Got my second pfizer shot yesterday. Literally thought I was dying all night long….. But I’d rather have it than not.

  11. 99.7% survivable. I’ll stick with nature.

    The vaccine is available to the vulnerable or anyone who wants one. Sorry for standing behind personal accountability.


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