The collapse in aviation caused by the coronavirus pandemic could wipe out 46 mi…

The collapse in aviation caused by the coronavirus pandemic could wipe out 46 million jobs worldwide, according to research published Wednesday by the Air Transport Action Group. Many in the industry expect air travel will not recover to last year’s level until 2024. Tap the link in our bio for more on how the pandemic is impacting air travel around the world.

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  1. Don’t worry, the pandemic will disappear any day now. trump promised us it would. like a miracle. What could go wrong……. This is when the politicians need to do their jobs.

  2. We are all to that Era where people loose their jobs… After the Pandemic Robots Will take over…I saw on the news last night a robot serving food at a restaurant

  3. Oxfam says 12,000 a die could die from hunger due to the Rona Demic while 8 food companies globally paid out 18 billion USD to shareholders. 🤔

  4. Support Trump to eradicate and eliminate threats like Biden, Pandemic and Unemployment … Trump 2020 ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Any financial support from governments should go to the low level people, not the air lines. When things will normalize new companies will appear. We can’t keep bailing them out so they can give their management bonuses.

  6. Then stop talking about a global “pandemic” you would be quite surprised how fast things go away when they are not on a ticket all day on your channel


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