The families of more than 65 million children will start receiving enhanced chil…

The families of more than 65 million children will start receiving enhanced child tax credit monthly payments of up to $300 on July 15, the Biden administration announced Monday. The temporary benefit, which will be sent to 39 million households and covers 88% of children in the US, stems from the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package. Eligible parents will receive $300 a month for each child under age 6 and $250 for each one ages 6 to 17.⁠

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  1. What about single folks with no kids…what’s the word for discrimination against folks with kids…

  2. And that money coming frommmm????? Ah yes my own taxes 😌 imagine doing that instead of say… lowering taxes which would 100% in the long run be more effective but ight buckaroo biden.

  3. See how easy it is to get money for things when your cause is good natured and helpful? Unlike a dumb wall 🤓

  4. who is going to work ? people getting free money, so why , people who really worked hard in this country are slowly retiring, never got anything free ,

  5. That’s a great decision .. well done biden . .that’s where the money should go 👏

  6. I appreciate the money but I think that is backwards as hell I think if your children are under the age of 6 they should get a 2,500, but the children 6 and up they should get the $3,600 because they eat more their clothes are more expensive than living costs for that child is more expensive but like I said I appreciate the money


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