The governors of Texas and Mississippi have announced they are lifting mask mand…

The governors of Texas and Mississippi have announced they are lifting mask mandates. As of Tuesday, a total of 13 states have no statewide mask requirement. Health experts say relaxing restrictions now could lead to another surge, especially with the variants spreading. “Every time public health measures have been pulled back, we’ve seen a spike in hospitalizations,” Harris County, Texas, Judge Lina Hidalgo said.

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  1. All red states and most that have some of the worst education systems… coincidence? In a month they’ll be putting back mandates let it play out

  2. Guess what? You can still choose to wear a face mask in those states. The government doesn’t have to control everything.

  3. If people are getting immunized at a fast pace and the amount of cases is also dropping 🤷🏿‍♂️ not saying I support this but not saying I don’t either

  4. How long are we supposed to wear them? First it’s until a vaccine, now we are getting vaccinated, and will still be expected to wear a mask after?? I call bullshit.

  5. Ppl love this pandemic so much. Shame on those states. You can literally see the finish line and they’re ruining it for everyone 🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. people should wear a mask because its the right thing to do for society right now due to the pandemic, NOT because it’s “the rules”. so who cares.


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