The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill earlier this month that wo…

The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill earlier this month that would ban private ownership of big cats like lions and tigers after Netflix’s “Tiger King” helped renew attention on the issue. “Big cats are wild animals that simply do not belong in private homes, backyards, or shoddy roadside zoos,” said Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois, the bill’s main author, adding that law enforcement and first responders are often the ones who end up in danger from these animals. ⁠
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  1. When people keep putting animal safety over human existence. Can we just pass a bill that makes police stop killing black people? Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  2. Well, it’s good to know that with millions of people out of work because of government mandated lock downs, the House took the time to pass this bill, which needs to pass the Senate, then be signed by the president.

  3. Glad but it will never pass the Senate. They don’t care or it is someone wealthy and a tax write-off which they would never change. That Sen. Johnson has me riled.

  4. Ok, for anyone bitching about their freedom to own big cats being taken away, consider that in your hubris you’d be willing to put an essential check and balance between predator and prey populations, who’s territory can extend hundreds of miles, and the majority of whom are on the brink of extinction, IN YOUR FUCKING HOMES TO BE AN AL PACINO WANNABE. That’s not a pet, it’s a predator. It’s happy when it hunts, sleeps, and makes little big cats. You cage it for fun, it’s going to get aggressive and hurt someone or just live a miserable existence till it dies of a broken heart. Fuck your need to subjugate something in order to feel good about yourselves, grow a spine and go to therapy

  5. You’d think they’d be focused on more important areas such as helping the 10+ million people who’s unemployed assistance is about to run out..

  6. Sooo the house can pass a bill related to a fucking show on Netflix about big cats, but no one can seem to help struggling Americans during a pandemic? Glad this was passed but ridiculous given the circumstances

  7. Good 👏❤️ Tigers,lions, leopards,jaguars, all the big cats belong in the wild ❤️ Can not belive this has been aloved!!!Horrible 😥 Awful,awful man, hope he will be locked up the rest of his life, at least something good came from it though!


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