The material used to pigment your eyeshadow or lipstick could be a product of mo…

The material used to pigment your eyeshadow or lipstick could be a product of modern slavery or child labor. Mica is a mineral composite that is often mined by children, who can end up suffering from aching muscles, open sores and respiratory problems.

But the choices you make and the actions you take can help to end modern slavery in the electronics industry. CNN’s #MyFreedomDay on March 16 aims to raise awareness of forced labor, trafficking and exploitation in global supply chains. Visit to find out more, and take the pledge to make a difference.

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  1. And we’ll still be watching the Grammys with all the celebs diamonds and all other minerals y’all just listed that keeps kids slaves..carry on

  2. Is very sad the situation for those kids and their families. The government knows about this problems but don’t do nothing about it

  3. It’s one reason why I buy all make up that’s cruelty free. They don’t test in animals and they don’t use mica

  4. If you work for anybody your a Slave! Doesn’t matter where you are or from. Just some slave have better arrangements than others but it’s still slavery. They just replaced the whips & chains with Poverty.

  5. America loves shoving their noses in other people’s problems and neglecting their own problems. Don’t play the saviour you already have enough problems on ur plate

  6. We have economic slavery right here, with oligarchs in Congress paid $174,000 plus insurance and percs, and early retirement, and opposing a minimum wage more than $7.25/hour. I’m comfortably retired, but I fought against autocrats and oligarchs, and racists, as a Marine. They’re right here among us.


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