The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines work “incredibly effectively” …

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines work “incredibly effectively” in pregnant and new moms, research says. And they pass protection to their newborns. The researchers found no evidence of more side effects or more intense side effects in pregnant and lactating women than in the general population, said one of the researchers, Galit Alter, a professor of medicine at the Ragon Institute.⁠
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  1. Trump supporters be like: “so my baby is getting autism AND a microchip? No thanks.
    All jokes a side, I’m getting me a vaccine. So should everyone else

  2. I’m all for vaccinations but come on it’s 3 months worth of research. That’s not long enough to know the risk to the unborn child. It’s not like it’s FDA approved or been around for a long time. It’s brand new and we know pretty much nothing.

  3. Yesss! I am about to get my second Pfizer dose next week and can’t wait for my baby girl to get antibodies from my milk!! ❤️🙌😍

  4. I don’t think I’ll get my vaccine I’d rather have a natural defense but that’s just my personal preference I know the vaccines are effective

  5. People are like “I’ll catch covid before I take the vaccine”…. you DO understand how vaccines are developed, right? It comes directly from the virus. Like, they take the virus and use it to create the vaccine.


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