The Senate’s massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure package marked a big bipartisa…

The Senate’s massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure package marked a big bipartisan achievement after months of negotiations. The new investments, which still needs to be passed by the House, would reach far beyond the traditional infrastructure projects for roads, bridges and railroads. Here are five things in the bill that might surprise you.

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  1. How about a list of the companies and their CEOs that got the contract for this infrastructure? Last names, please. 😊

  2. 😂😂😂 cryptocurrency is going to get hard lol. 😂😂😂😂 but will the rich get a tax break?? Most likely

  3. What was trump going to do that would have cost us 51 billion for medical? Sounds like each pill would have cost a million a piece 😂

  4. F*ck that. Y’all always have to have your hand in everything with taxes. Currency can’t be exchanged all all without y’all holding out your hand.

  5. Non of this is what we want or need at this exact moment sounds like a whole lot of y’all misappropriating funds.


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