The UK’s flagship music awards ceremony, the Brits, will go ahead with a 4,000-s…

The UK’s flagship music awards ceremony, the Brits, will go ahead with a 4,000-strong crowd, no social distancing and no masks next month, as part of a government trial that offers a peek at how large events can operate in a post-pandemic world. The ceremony at London’s O2 Arena will take place on May 11, with an audience made up of 2,500 frontline workers and another 1,500 corporate invitees. Attendees will not have to distance from each other, but will be required to present a negative Covid-19 test taken before the event. They are also being asked to take tests after the show, to track any potential transmission between audience members.⁠

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  1. you know what will be interesting? the rolling loud festival in miami. i heard covid already got some tickets

  2. India had a religious festival last week without mask and social distancing and look what’s going on there now 😮

  3. They had a pool party in Wuhan where the virus originated like six months ago, I don’t see why this would be a problem.

  4. Well as long as there all vaccinated then this is good. So we know if we can do big events with fully vaccinated people

  5. So… they’re being used as guinea pigs to see how the virus has changed and if transmission is still high. Am I the only person getting that vibe?

  6. We’re not in a post-pandemic world yet. The must vulnerable populations in under developed countries don’t even have vaccines and these white privileged people want to start another wave. Really….🙃


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