The United Kingdom has become the world’s first nation to begin vaccinating its …

The United Kingdom has become the world’s first nation to begin vaccinating its citizens — using the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The logistical challenges of manufacturing and distributing tens of millions of Covid-19 vaccines means the roll-out will be gradual, with the most vulnerable people and health care workers first in line. Swipe through to see the four key steps in the distribution process.

A previous version of this graphic misstated the temperature at which the vaccine needs to be stored after it’s removed from freezers and put back in thermal shippers.

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  3. “Instagram Doctors” are coming… 😂 Vaccine is bad, vaccine has chemical materials, they will control our body and brain.. 😬 i cant wait to see comments

  4. All thanks to Trump with his foresight in initiating Operation Warp Speed. Lives have been saved and humanity uplifted with his conviction, resolve and zeal in doing the right thing despite all the criticisms and condemnation. He deserves long overdue credit and respect and his legacy is undeniable

  5. Man made=side effects. I rather keep wearing a mask and using hand sanitizers 😷 if all is OK after 6 months of a injection with no side effects, then I will do it.

  6. Doctors cant even find the cure for a cold but im supposed to trust a vacine that was made in a couple of months to prevent covid. Lol. Ill pass

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