The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday issued new guidance…

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday issued new guidance on outdoor mask use for fully vaccinated Americans. If you’re fully vaccinated, the CDC says you can now take your mask off at small outdoor gatherings, or when dining outside with friends from multiple households. The CDC is telling unvaccinated people that they still need to wear a mask at such gatherings. “If you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor gathering with people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated, or dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households, the science shows if you are vaccinated, you can do so safely unmasked,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said during a virtual White House briefing. Tap the link in our bio for more on the guidance.⁠

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  1. Never stopped. Im not vaccinated and I refuse to wear a mask outdoors or in the confinement of my own space. I can’t enter your store? Whatever. But you will not stop me from walking outside maskless. Send me to prison at that point I rather be dead than accept my fate as a prisoner to my government

  2. Go live your life people. Get outside and enjoy the world, mask free. Are you going to keep getting vaccinated every 180 days? F that!

  3. Fully vaccinated people are only given privileges because the medical establishment is creating a two tier society. Either you play along with their power grabs or you suffer. Has nothing to do with keeping you healthy. I don’t want to see people get sick either but let’s start having honest conversations people


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