The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine fo…

The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use in the United States. It’s the second vaccine the agency has OK’d for emergency use. “The emergency use authorization allows the vaccine to be distributed in the U.S. for use in individuals 18 years and older,” the FDA tweeted Friday night. Tap the link in our bio for updates on this breaking story.⁠

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  1. Vaccines & Bill Gates – conflict of interest.
    With 3 billion dollars invested annually, Bill is the largest investor of the WHO, World Health Organization; to put it into perspective, that’s more money invested than the governments of UK, Germany and France. Imagine Bill’s influence on agency.
    Bill is also investing billions of dollars in different vaccines annually, including Covid19.
    It’s common sense for WHO to propagate for vaccine mandates in liaison with the government.
    Remember, he is not a donor, he is an investor. Every investor wants a return of investment. Let that sink in.

  2. If we aren’t supporting medical freedom, we are supporting or at least consenting to medical dictatorship. When there is risk, there should be choice. If that’s not full stop, let the following sink in. Parents can reject anything for their children except for vaccination. The only time they can refuse vaccination is when they don’t take their children to school (this is true in some parts of the world). But unvaccinated and vaccinated children still interact in all others places, they engage in the same sports teams, the same playgrounds, and literally everywhere else. This is not about herd immunity, it is rather about cornering parents who believe in medical freedom. If we don’t mandate medical procedures which are injury free, I don’t see why we should mandate vaccines that come with injuries.

  3. This one is easier to distribute just as effective 😷hopefully we get more doses this one is made in NH as well as others. ❤️😷

  4. Donald Trump failed to stop Russian cyber invasion and failed to act against the spread of the virus from China quickly enough. He betrayed our country

  5. No reporting on former vp joPedo not having any more transition briefings? The Steal has been STOPPED 🛑 #ThisIsMAGAcountry

  6. 👏❤️ Awesome Joe Biden your going to be a strong supportive president. Kamala Harris going to be a healthy confidant in Whit House.


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