Think this quote is about the Trump era? Nope. It refers to Sen. Joe McCarthy an…

Think this quote is about the Trump era? Nope. It refers to Sen. Joe McCarthy and his anti-Communist crusade in the 1950s. Here’s a mini history lesson for you: For years, McCarthy tarred any force that stood in his way — from liberal Wisconsin newspapers to the Democrats nominated against him — as sympathetic, or fully allied, with Communists. Despite their private doubts about the Republican senator’s claims and methods alike, the top GOP leadership, particularly Senate Republican leader Robert A. Taft, the Mitch McConnell of his day, either passively or actively supported McCarthy’s scattershot claims of treason and Communist infiltration. A significant faction of Senate Republicans didn’t join with Democrats to curb McCarthy’s power until the senator self-immolated with his accusations, in highly publicized hearings, that the Army was riddled with Communists during the presidency of fellow Republican Dwight Eisenhower. The silence of congressional Republican leaders as President Donald Trump’s unfounded claims of election fraud grow wilder increasingly resembles the party’s deference to McCarthy in the ’50s, writes CNN Senior Political Analyst Ronald Brownstein. Tap the link in our bio to read his analysis on the similarities between the Trump and McCarthy eras. ⁠

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  1. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Donald Trump. His rhetoric is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of politics most of his words go over a typical person’s head. There’s also Trump’s narcissistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterization- his personal philosophy draws heavily from philanthropist literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of his speeches, to realize that they’re not just gripping- they say something deep about LIFE.

  2. The GOP has always been a party of tyrannical, entitled followers without an original, compassionate thinker among them.

  3. What exactly is the point of this? Seems pretty unnecessarily divisive making a weak connection to trump and bringing up a 70 year old story.

  4. Politics is evil. These men and women forget they get voted in by us people. Us people pay their wages. They work for us. Not us work for them. Got it. 👍

  5. I am/was a lifelong Republican until the Trump era. Make no mistake about – I didn’t just leave because of trump and his corrupt family. I left because of the corruption and the enabling of the Republican party. I don’t like the Democrats. I think Biden might be the last moderate left and the reign of power by Pelosi and Shumway has been awful for the nation (as will the reign of Sanders and the squad – they simply do not care about compromise or middle/moderate America) but the deceit and cons from the republicans for the past six years are disgusting!! Simply disgusting! That is why young people are not registering Republican. The party will die (and if the dems don’t stop in fighting, personal power grabs, being unwilling to compromise – the same will happen to them. We are not exchanging one extreme party for another).

  6. What proof do trumpers think they have? They keep bragging they have proof but cannot provide one shred of evidence. Weird.

  7. It is astounding how vulnerable we are as a nation to an authoritarian leader. The line between democracy and an autocracy is very thin indeed.


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