Thinking of an opportunity that payout returns every month while your capital is…

Thinking of an opportunity that payout returns every month while your capital is paid back at maturity?

Then @gatatransport FMCG Logistics Project is designed for you. In this project, we invest in Trucks and Vans.

You should go for the Bus Partnership plan if you want higher returns and don’t mind getting the profits once in 3 months (quarterly).

BUT, if you want a plan with the highest return of all our current projects, the Delivery Bike Project is your best bet but your return comes with capital only at maturity of the investment.

Don’t have money to invest but know someone who does? Get them onboard and earn up to N150,000 in referral commission at 1.5% referral rate. All you need do is sign up as an Affiliate Partner.

Note: All our Assets are fully insured by Linkage Assurance PLC to manage the risk in the business. This can be verified by making a request for some policy numbers through our customer care unit.

You can start with as low as N50,000 to N500,000 or more, depending on the project.

Nigeria’s Logistics Industry is currently valued at approximately N300,000,000,000 ($750,000,000) and account for more than 3.5% of our GDP. You deserve a share in this money even if you have no prior experience in the business.

This OFFER ends as soon as the limited blocks are sold out.

Don’t miss this opportunity for any reason.

Click the link on our bio (@gatatransport) for more information.

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