This high school junior just beat all the boys to become the first female wrestl…

This high school junior just beat all the boys to become the first female wrestler to win her state championship 🏆🤼‍♀️💪 Heaven Fitch, who competes in the 106-pound weight class, finished a stunning season with 54 wins and just four losses, according to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. “I just wrestled my best, and I kind of dominated the match, if I’m being honest,” she told CNN affiliate WTVD.


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  2. It’s clearly unfair. The dude just got a boner and didn’t wanna expose himself, but that girl took advantage of this situation and f’d him over. Dude would have won probably.

  3. Teen Heaven Fitch is the 1st female to win a NC individual state wrestling championship
    Her parents hadn’t wanted her to wrestle, afraid she’d be hurt competing with boys
    They needn’t have worried
    Her season record?
    54 wins, 4 losses


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