This terrifying footage shows firefighters driving through the raging Tamarack F…

This terrifying footage shows firefighters driving through the raging Tamarack Fire, which started south of Lake Tahoe, Wednesday night. Wildfires are blazing in 13 states across the US, burning more than 1 million acres in western states, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.


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  1. They’re soooo brave !! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !! 😎❤️😎❤️😎❤️😎

  2. Look at these brave souls and what they put themselves through. Over half are volunteers that don’t get paid for saving lives, property and put their own lives at risk. Please let the rain come up ease the burden. I thoroughly support emergency services especially firies Cos of what they do . God bless them and keep them safe

  3. Btw Trump and the GOP refused to send aid to California, a U.S. state, during their last major wildfire natural disaster. 100s died. GOP is treason.

  4. My heart goes out to every firefighters omg the risk they go through. Wow they need all of our appreciation for risking it.

  5. What kind of species we are who are burning there own home what we will left for our coming generations ? Fires , Floods , Viruses and Wars

  6. Wildfires getting worse each damn year, across the 🌍 , as the climate gets hotter and drier and we still have some ppl (mainly conservatives) claiming this is all a hoax. By the time we Millennials are old, the planet will be irreparably damaged, drastic percentages of forests gone, and those same ppl denying it will either be dead, or will still claim it’s all a hoax. But yes, let’s keep voting for anti-science republicans instead of the republicans who can acknowledge reality.


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