Trevor Wilkinson, an openly gay teen in Abilene, Texas, was suspended several ti…

Trevor Wilkinson, an openly gay teen in Abilene, Texas, was suspended several times for wearing nail polish because it didn’t comply with the dress code policy. He thought the policy — banning males from wearing makeup and nail polish — should be more gender-neutral so all students feel accepted regardless of their identity.⁠

With the help of Lambda Legal and the ACLU of Texas, Wilkinson went to school board meetings to advocate for a policy change. On Monday, the school district voted to amend its policy. “Forcing students to follow gender stereotypes is outdated, unconstitutional, and harmful,” said Brian Klosterboer, staff attorney at the ACLU of Texas. “We are thankful that the school district has changed its discriminatory dress code. This would not have been possible without Trevor’s advocacy and bravery on this issue.”⁠

(📸: Trevor Wilkinson)

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  1. Immediately suspend the kid who has painted fingernails but GOD FORBID we act that swiftly on helping under privileged kids with shitty home lives

  2. The same people that against people not being able to be themselves are the same ones that storm the capitol and shitted on the floors. Sad day in America 😂

  3. Who gives a flying fuck if a guy is wearing nail polish, why don’t they pick just one of the million issues our country is facing and direct some energy there 🙄


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