Twenty thousand American flags have been placed on the National Mall to pay trib…

Twenty thousand American flags have been placed on the National Mall to pay tribute to the more than 200,000 people who have died from the coronavirus in the US this year. Each flag represents 10 American lives that have been lost to Covid-19. The installation, called a Covid Memorial Project, was organized by a group of friends in the Washington, DC, area who raised money online. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended the unveiling on Tuesday and said it is “just incomprehensible, the situation that we find ourselves in.”
(📸: Win McNamee/Getty Images, Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg/Getty Images and Alex Edelman/AFP/Getty Images)

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  1. america is a failed state. Not having universal healthcare finally came home to roost as Covid19 proved america is a third world country with a fake Gucci belt. BOTH parties oppose uhc! 🤦

  2. all animals deserve basic moral consideration and to be treated justly. We don’t need to eat or wear innocent beings anymore and can live healthy lives without being cruel to our animal friends. You can choose to make a difference for the animals. Feel free to message me if you’d like more information or a guide to living a vegan lifestyle. 💚🐷

  3. Trump does not get to say before the election that he has won or that he won’t leave ! Lock his ass up and Bill Barr with him!!

  4. These ducks are talking peaceful transfer of power 😂 Can you say Obamagate. Talking about character& peaceful transfer of power? Seriously? What a bag of 🌶 at cnn. How do you 🤡 look yourselves in the mirror.


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