U-Haul trucks are unexpectedly getting a new look in Hawaii. While the trucks ar…

U-Haul trucks are unexpectedly getting a new look in Hawaii. While the trucks are usually used for moving, tourists are now renting them because rental car prices have skyrocketed with the rebound of the tourism industry. Covid-19 brought tourism to a halt, but with states now easing restrictions, the industry has come bouncing back with force. The cheapest rental car in Maui in March ran for $722 a day, according to CNN affiliate KHNL-TV. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.⁠


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  2. Wow, it’s a shame this is happening..I think it’s universal, all of the business are pushing prices up on everything. Doubling up to make up from the pandemic and this is wrong. These businesses are going to go under, this is not the way to rebound.

  3. Hawaii citizens should start renting their personal vehicles to tourists. Screw those rental car companies! Damn price gouging.

  4. Even in hot tourists spots in US rental car shortages (Orlando LA Vegas). Best thing to do is let it cool down if you can wait a few months to travel go then. Right now millions wanna get out and go to Disneyland. Just wait until end of august or September you’ll be paying regular prices.


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