Until two years ago, girls weren’t allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America. No…

Until two years ago, girls weren’t allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America. Now, nearly 1,000 have achieved the highest rank of Eagle Scout. Candidates have to earn 21 merit badges varying in subject from first aid to business, assume leadership roles and execute a large community service project — all before turning 18. Because of the difficult requirements, only 6% of Boy Scouts become Eagle Scouts, BSA told CNN.⁠

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  1. Did you know? ⁣
    In the U.S., men represent:⁣
    ➡️ 3% of alimony recipients.⁣
    ➡️ 67% of substance abuse patients.⁣
    ➡️ 70% of homeless individuals.⁣
    ➡️ 93% of workplace fatalities.⁣
    ➡️ 78% of homicide victims.⁣
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  2. As an Eagle Scout myself, this totally doesn’t offend me at all. 👏 🙌

  3. This is unfair for the men who want to do Boy Scouts but girls really have to take everything

  4. This is not really inclusive lol…there’s reason it’s called Boys scout and not Girl Scouts

  5. Why doesn’t the organization fix girls/ eagle scouts so that girls can have the same experience in Girl/ eagle Scouts?

  6. I wonder how many of the men complaining that these girls earned their Eagle Scout are themselves Eagle Scouts? 🧐 I’m willing to bet NOT MANY. Congrats to these girls (and all Eagle Scouts) on this incredible achievement!


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