Unusual swelling caused by Covid-19 vaccines is being picked up on routine mammo…

Unusual swelling caused by Covid-19 vaccines is being picked up on routine mammograms and other scans, causing unnecessary fear, radiologists say. “If a woman had a vaccine in the arm on the same side, and the lymph nodes are swollen, this is a normal biological response. It’s totally expected,” said Dr. Connie Lehman, chief of breast imaging in Massachusetts General’s department of radiology. Tales of unnecessary biopsies spurred the patient care committee of the Society of Breast Imaging to put out an advisory in January: Ask your patients about their Covid-19 status, and record the date and which arm received the vaccine. Consider that before automatically scheduling a biopsy.⁠

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(📸: Dr. Connie Lehman, JACR)

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  1. Maybe the headline should say that the swelling is “totally expected” and not be so scary/shocking since people are already weary of the vaccine

  2. I don‘t think you people realize how normal a swollen lymph node is and that in many people it‘s literally a response to anything

  3. You really put up a vaccine news post with an alarmist headline and a caption that says it’s no big deal. Do you not see the fucking harm this causes?! You get headline readers scared and now they go and repeat that they saw this to their friends who believe them.

  4. Bill Gates, the owner of CNN and others want to reduce the world population by 75%, in order to reduce the amount of CO2 being released in the atmosphere. Reversing global warming.

  5. Before anyone starts panicking: all vaccines have side effects. I repeat, all vaccines have side effects. One last time, all vaccines have side effects 😒


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