The old uromi royal palace was built in 1904 by His Royal Highness, Okojie Okolo four years into his reign. It was first in Esan Land and second only to Pa. Iyamu’s first storey building in the old bini Empire that would have today attracted tourist from all over the globe. But only a few years ago, during the reign of the present Onojie, the old palace was pulled down to give way to the present one.

It was an imposing edifice of a cluster of three buildings of one storey building — one jamming the other, with central one having a parlour on the first floor overlooking the outside. The front was adorned with wooden carved pillars in pictures of an old man, pregnant woman, hunters and other native features, a beautiful ancient architectural work, done on the wood to behold. The walls were very thick and mud handmade. The doors and windows were made with hand sawn wood. The pillars supporting the inner building ceiling were five feet square solid mud and roofed with very thick corrugated iron sheets. It was a beautiful ancient architectural design work done on wood. The palace was built on a big expanse of land overlooking the main road, four times the size of the present Oba of Benin’s palace.

It has several apartments – the biggest, a harem built like a dormitory that houses sixty harem women and their over one hundred and eighty children. The palace was built by some bricklayers and carpenters from Ghana and Badagry to whom some Uromi men were apprenticed. Notable among them were Mr. Okoduwa of Id – Ekhuere, Uromi, Thomas Idu from Efandion, Uromi and Pa Ijele.

Below is a list of Kings of Uromi kingdom

  1. Ichesan
  2. Agba
  3. Ikenoa
  4. Ehenoa
  5. Ikhivabhojere
  6. Okuoye
  7. Ikhize
  8. Ikhimigbale
  9. Uwagbo
  10. Ediale
  11. Akhilomen
  12. Okolojie
  13. Ogbidi Okojie
  14. Uwagbale
  15. Edenojie Okojie I
  16. Omelimen Edenojie I
  17. Anslem Edenojie II

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CREDIT: Com Kingsley Ohens President Esan Youths Movement

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