Virginia’s statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed from the US Capi…

Virginia’s statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed from the US Capitol overnight Sunday, Gov. Ralph Northam’s office announced. Lee’s statue, which had been there since 1909, was one of 13 statues in the Crypt of the Capitol, representing the 13 original colonies. “The Confederacy is a symbol of Virginia’s racist and divisive history, and it is past time we tell our story with images of perseverance, diversity, and inclusion,” Northam, a Democrat, said. The governor said the statue will be replaced with a statue of the late Barbara Rose Johns, a Black woman who, at age 16, led a walkout at her high school “protesting the overcrowded and inferior conditions of the all-Black school compared to those of White students” at a nearby school. “Historians consider Johns’ protest a pivotal moment that launched the desegregation movement in America,” Northam’s office said. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.⁠

(📸: Office of Gov. Ralph Northam)

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  1. Replace it with a Native American leader because of all the crying from those claiming that this somehow is erasing history.

  2. Put them in a museum where they belong…and tell their racist history while you’re at it. Only honorable men and women of all colors should be held in high esteem in our state and federal buildings.

  3. Maybe let’s take notice next time the descendants of traitorous rebels try to erect statues of their leaders to inspire new admiration and devotion to their uprising

  4. Conservatives and Trump supporters: *vandalize murals and signs saying Black Lives Matter on streets and church’s* “that’s freedom of speech”

    Capital Hill: *Removes confederate statue from the capital building*

    Conservatives and Trump supporters: “tHaTs a hAtE cRiMe”


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