WAKE UP EDO STATE! ___Edo Nation is losing it. A call for action.

WAKE UP EDO STATE! ___Edo Nation is losing it. A call for action.

If you have taken your car to a mechanic workshop or have planned embarking on a building construction project or even putting out an advert for job openings you would have observed that Edo state indigenes are nowhere to be found in all of these opportunities.

Let me also digress a little, go and check the names and state of origin of admitted students in the tertiary institutions in Edo state, a larger part of them are non indigenes. The implication of this is that, when the country is looking for qualified professionals to man certain positions at national level, getting a qualified Edo man becomes a huge task because we have paid no importance to it from the point of admission. When a small state like Ekiti can boast of having the highest number of Professors in the country shows their commitment in taking their place in national discourse. Where is student bursary in Edo state or Education Trust Fund set aside to encourage indigent indigenes in acquiring education up to Ph.D level? I as write now, some of our professional tertiary institutions have been shutdown by the state government.

We have a problem before us that all of us must sit back, sit down and find solution to, a close observation of building sites in Edo state revealed that the artisans are not Edo youths; a further check on other professional vocations/artisanship are mainly not occupied by Edo indigenes. Where is the future of the Edo nation?

The activities that heralded the last elections saw a whole lot of charlatans jostling for different leadership positions, these are persons that do not have the basic requirements in understanding fundamental problems facing the people neither do they know how to resolve same. Without any form of conjecture, I can confidently tell that, what most of them will bring to bear at the end of the day will not be anything above the giving out of sewing machines, tricycles, hair dryers, grinding machines and motorcycles. There are foundational and remote issues that must be deliberately addressed to bring to the fore the relevance of a people in national and local participation.

There is an aspect if mentioned, it will activate grave fear in us but that can only be discussed at a caucus level.

The state governor, local government chairmen, commissioners, traditional rulers and Edo indigenes that have attained certain societal heights should come together and work out the Edo nationhood policy programme that will resonate the declining strength of a people. You don’t wait for the future to create itself; you create the future you want by deliberate and calculated actions. This calls for futuristic plans and actions. We must place priority on things that are of futuristic values and not ephemeral ones as politics of self service. The people must be led by the political and traditional leaders to attain greatness, a people suffer setback only when their leaders fail to chart progressive path for them


Leftist Osazee Edigin writes from Benin.
He is an activist and the current Public Relations Officer of Edo Civil Society Organisations.

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