Walter Forbes was a college student in 1982 when he stepped between two groups f…

Walter Forbes was a college student in 1982 when he stepped between two groups fighting outside a bar in his small Michigan town. One of the men, Dennis Hall, retaliated the next day, shooting Forbes four times. Soon afterward, Hall died in an apparent arson fire. A young mother named Annice Kennebrew later said she saw Forbes and two other men pour gasoline around the building around the time of the fire, according to court documents. Forbes was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Now, after serving almost four decades in prison, Forbes has walked free after Kennebrew recanted her testimony. Weeks after the fire, Kennebrew said two men approached her and pressured her to implicate Forbes and two other men in the arson.⁠

“They threatened to kill my children, parents, siblings, and me if I did not report to the police and testify at trial that I saw Walter and the other two men set the fire,” Kennebrew said in a sworn 2017 affidavit. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about Forbes’ story. ⁠

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  1. I mean the “right thing to do” would have been to not make the false accusation to begin with. Or better yet, not wait 4 decades to recant it…

  2. After a this time knowing the wrong man was in prison and now she feels its “the right thing to do ” she deserves some time inside. 🤬

  3. Not that it even begins to make up for the hardship and turmoil he experienced, but he should be paid AT MINIMUM the prevailing minimum wage for every second he was imprisoned. God bless this man.

  4. It’s not the “right thing to do” 40 years later. Robbed this man of his life. It was the right time, the first time.

  5. Regardless of the circumstances this witness deserves life in prison, or the victim deserves to be paid a vast amount of money to make up for his life being stolen

  6. She needs to be indicted for perjury. Cannot continue letting privileged people lie and STEAL away peoples lives. She STOLE that man’s life

  7. I hate these stories , it’s simply soooo unfair for people wrongly imprisoned 😞. An entire life was stolen.
    God bless this man and May he blessed with many future happy moments.


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