Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke has now made history at least twice on Duke University’s…

Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke has now made history at least twice on Duke University’s campus in North Carolina. Reuben-Cooke, who died in 2019, was one of the first undergraduate Black students to enroll at the university in 1963. Now, her name will be on a sociology-psychology building, making her the first Black woman to have a campus building named for her, according to the university. “When the building that now bears Professor Reuben-Cooke’s name first opened, she would not have been allowed to enter it as a student,” Duke President Vincent E. Price said. “From this day forward, anyone who passes through its doors will carry on her legacy of accomplishment, engagement and lasting impact.” Tap the link in our bio to learn more about Reuben-Cooke.⁠

(📸: Duke University)

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