With a majority of adult Americans now at least partially vaccinated against cor…

With a majority of adult Americans now at least partially vaccinated against coronavirus, roughly a quarter of adults say they will not try to get the shot, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS. The poll found that the group that is unwilling to get a vaccine is the most comfortable with the idea of returning to their regular routine. Tap the link in our bio for more on the findings.

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  1. That’s fine, steer clear of me and family please ✌🏾 we have no interest in interacting with you and yours.

  2. Then don’t get it but I expect them to be inside and only leave when its an important matter and ofc have their masks on at all times outside of home😐if they aren’t going to go the extra mile to save themselves and other people why do they get to do the same things the vaccinated people get to do???

  3. The logic that some people base their opinions on makes me worry about the future. It’s up to each person to decide if they want it but it would make logical sense that things can go back to normal sooner if more people get the vaccine….

  4. I’ve already been fully vaccinated and I’m happy to be apart of the sensible 74%. Now cue the anti-vaxxers with their 2-3 hours of half-baked internet research against the covid-19 vaccine in the comments below ⬇️

  5. So hard to read this; Americans are so privileged to have access to the vaccine while so many countries are struggling so much with this unpredictable virus/disease. 😢

  6. Just let people make their choices. If they don’t want the vaccine – they won’t get it. No vaccine has been approved by FDA yet and there NO data on long term effects of the vaccine. I don’t see anything wrong with people deciding not to get the vaccine

  7. Medical freedom for all !!! I support your right to be vaccinated have the same respect for us who do not because this is America and we have freedoms… or so they say.


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